Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Surgery tomorrow

Sorry for the long delay.  AJ is doing well but I wanted you to know about his scheduled surgery for tomorrow.
He will have a gtube revision as his stomach lining is retracting through the current opening.  They will open a new site and the old opening will have to be left open until it heals as it would get infected if they close it.  AJ's history shows that he does not tolerate sutures that are meant to dissolve. Instead they become infected fistulas; usually with MRSA. There are no other options to hold his stomach to his muscle wall so we have planned on a long recovery with the expectation of multiple infections.

Thank you for your prayers.  God is so faithful to us and has provided great physicians to meet his physical needs.  AJ is looking forward to a reduction in his pain.  He is especially excited to watch hours of TV; me, not so much.

God is good; all the time,

Barbara and AJ

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  1. May all go well with AJ! May God continue to bless you and your family<3