Sunday, June 10, 2012

Days of Recovery

AJ is in the slow process of recovery.  He is pretty uncomfortable and watching lots of movies to pass the time. His new g-tube is right near his waist so bending at the waist is pretty uncomfortable for him. He looks like a little hunchback, bent over as he walks.  He doesn't get up much unless he needs to use the bathroom.  This afternoon he fell asleep but was tossing around in pain.  Suddenly he called out in his sleep, "I need Jackie".  Jackie is his service dog in training.  We took note that he didn't cry for Mom or Dad but Jackie; that's ok though.  It's one of the reasons why we got Jackie; she provides a lot of pain relief for him.  AJ has a pretty large hole in his abdomen from the last tube.  We have to take out the old packing gauze and replace it twice a day. AJ has done really well with it but it does turn my stomach a bit.  I can handle difficult wounds but this is a pretty deep crater.

Before AJ's surgery, Aaron and his wife Emily spent a week with us.  We all really enjoyed it.  AJ must have asked Emily, hundreds of times, to play with him.  She was a good sport.

Here are some new pictures but taken before his surgery. The pictures make me realize how much I'm looking forward to seeing AJ up and around again.

AJ and his cousin

AJ and Emily playing doctor

Dr AJ getting ready for surgery

Aaron and Emily with AJ and the girls

AJ Cooking with his dog, Jackie

AJ loves technology.  Here he is watching Aaron play a game.

Katie and AJ heading home after swimming.

Thanks again for your prayers.  We are praying that AJ's pain lessens and that his old and new tube site heal up completely.

Barbara and AJ

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