Thursday, August 8, 2013


Hello Everyone,

So many times I have been meaning to post but life has been busy.  AJ has not been hospitalized since last fall and we are so thankful for his good health.  He has had one dilatation of his throat but he is already in need of another.  We keep plugging away day by day.

I have lots of good updates to share but today I have something more important.  We have spent much of the last eight months preparing for the adoption of our new daughter, Arianna.  She is a sweet treasure that lives with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, type 2.  She is ventilator dependent but is still quite the chatterbox.

Arianna's room is ready and waiting for her and so is her family.  As final preparations were being made for her arrival, Arianna's social worker quit his job and the county of San Diego notified us that they were no longer planning to place Arianna in any adoptive home.

Every child deserves a family and we will advocate for Arianna the best we can.  The support of the SMA community has been overwhelming.  Thanks to them, they started a petition to bring Arianna home.

First, I would like to share with you the video San Diego child services made when they were searching for a family for Arianna.  This was before she had a tracheotomy and placed on a ventilator.   Arianna's video

Second, I would like to share the petition at  Please consider signing the petition to allow Arianna a home.  All you have to do is click on this link and follow the simple directions:  Petition to allow Arianna a family

Thank you so much for you support.  We believe God has a plan for Arianna and we will continue to advocate for her.

Many thanks,

Scott and Barbara