Thursday, June 7, 2012

Lots of good news

So exciting to have good news tonight.

AJ's g-tube surgery went very well.  He is in a lot of pain but handling it well.  Sometimes a bit too well.  He refuses pain medication but we have over ruled him a few times.

We start feeds in two hours and if he does well we "might" go home tomorrow!

Big news.  They have a new procedure for G tubes.  They don't put mickey's in anymore but use an AMT.  The AMT is great and I am so happy to have switched.  It is a much better design than the mickey and won't pull out as easily.  The goal is to keep this tube from coming out for six weeks.  Because it is apple shaped (flat on top) it will not pull out neatly like a regular mickey balloon.  It's much more stable and it is smaller than a mickey.

Bigger news.  With their new G-tube procedure they don't use any internal stitches that could abscess.  There are only two stitches holding the AMT in place.  Tomorrow those two stitches will be removed and it is only the AMT holding the stomach up to the abdominal wall.  It makes me a bit nervous but it means AJ's primary source of infection is gone.

AJ has an open wound where the old g-tube went through his abdominal wall.  We will keep it packed and draining and it will hopefully close up in a week or two.

Thank you for all of your prayers.  The outcome looks great and it won't be long that AJ will be up and around, bubbly as ever.

Gotta Go as AJ is calling.  We are blessed,

Barbara and AJ

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