Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Photo Op

I have pictures of our Granddaughter, Mara Aminata

Isn't she beautiful!

Everyone wanted to hold her...

1st time Grandpa; He said it's been a long wait!

Thankfully she slept through it all.
  Even the arguments that broke out over...
 "You held her longer than I did!"

I like this picture of Sahr and Jena
Don't they look excited?

AJ's pretty young to be an uncle 
and we really wanted a picture 
of the little uncle with his little niece.
 As you can see, AJ was very hesitant.  

He had very little interest in Mara 
as there were a lot of toys to be played with.  
When Mara eventually needed a diaper change 
he watched out of the corner of his eye
 - then he spotted it -
 her umbilical cord.  
He was quick to go over and say she needed a bandage. 
 Leave it to the wound care specialist :)

Other news:  We head to the cornea specialist today to see how AJ's eyes are doing relative to his EB.  Thankfully it's been another year that he has been spared abrasions and blisters of the eye.  We are expecting a good report.  Still no news on when AJ's throat dilatation will be.  Remember Jackie? AJ's service dog in training is doing very well.  We are in actually classes right now and she is mastering everything very nicely.  I wish the weather was warmer to get outside to work with her more but it will come.  

We are very blessed.  Thank you for following us on our journey.


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