Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sanctity of Human Life

Lord, today is Sanctity of Human Life Sunday and we have so much to be thankful for.

Thank you Lord for creating AJ just as he is; please help others to recognize the beauty of your handiwork.

Thank you for surrounding his birth mother with your love and for helping her choose life when the man that was AJ’s father only cared about himself and used her; throwing her away as a piece of trash.  

Thank you for giving her the strength and wisdom to carry her pregnancy to term even when everyone around her loudly proclaimed that no woman should have to carry a child conceived by rape,  to term.
Thank you for bringing people into her life that prayed and provided for her during those very difficult times. 

Thank you for allowing AJ to be born in a hospital that was familiar with EB and was medically prepared to treat his unexpected physical condition.

Thank you for giving the medical staff the eyes to see a beautiful baby boy rather than an unnamed baby that was born disfigured and disabled. 

Thank you for blessing our lives with AJ.  Thank you for your protection when so many things could have gone wrong; AJ’s life could have so easily been ended.  

You Lord, have taken a human life, that many have little value for, and turned it into a joyful treasure.  

We treasure your creation and give you the glory for your wonderful work.  

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