Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Thanks for all your prayers.  AJ did very well on his swallowing/esophageal study.  He drank the barium like a true champ.  The preliminary results are that he has strictures again and he will need a dilatation.  I think his esophagus has been narrowed for some time as he has had vomiting for a few months.  I suppose it is just getting smaller. I am not in a hurry because he still has a a cold and he needs to be healthy before he goes under anesthesia. He has been very hyper today as they flavored the barium with sugared Kool-aid and wow does he react to sugar!

As always we ended our appointment with a visit to the Mayo cafeteria where the lunch ladies always have jello on hand for AJ.  Today he picked out green jello but he didn't actually take any bites and brought it home.

This picture was taken at the Spam Museum (Yes, you read it right); a true Minnesota landmark.  We all tried Spam pizza but AJ stuck with licking the cheese off and then spitting it out. He is the only one of our kids that has been allowed to spit out food.  He gets the chance to taste it and then out it comes. I'm guessing lots of kids with EB do this.

I'll let you know when I hear a date for the procedure.  It has been a blessing that he has gone almost 12 months between dilatations as it can be a much shorter period of time.


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