Sunday, December 15, 2013

Happy Birthday AJ!

Today we celebrated AJ's sixth birthday.  Oh how blessed we are; that God has given us these years with AJ.  We pray that God will give AJ many more years but we know that life with EB is full of unknowns (hey we know life without EB is filled with enough unknowns).  Today was hard for AJ in that he had much more pain than usual.  I'm not sure why it's worse today but it just is.  AJ did enjoy his Angry Bird cake and his friend, Briella, and her parents celebrated with us.

As I thank God for AJ's life tonight, I also cry for a friend, Steve Stearns.  Steve and his wife Tammi were friends that we met through our EB family.  Tammy passed away this past year, suddenly and without warning.  She left behind her preschool daughter, Chloe, and baby Liam, that was born with EB.  Tonight little Liam passed away. Steve and Chloe are left behind with Mom and baby brother in heaven.  My heart breaks for them.  You can read more about Liam and his family here: Liam's Lambs

Life is unpredictable but God is our sure and solid rock.  How thankful I am that we have Him to cling to. Please pray for Steve and his daughter Chloe as they mourn the loss of their little Liam.


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