Monday, December 16, 2013

There Is No Pain In Heaven

We just returned home from the hospital and we are so thankful to be home. AJ developed another serious infection on his foot (He had the same infection a month ago; different foot this time).  He was in so much pain that his body shook and he kept screaming.  He had a temp, had not walked in 24 hours and I knew the wound was not going to heal without help.  The clinic was busy so the ER was our only choice. Thankfully it was not a long wait before they got him in.

AJ was a real trooper even when the nurse (that acted like she knew all about EB) tore the skin off his foot. You can imagine how much pain he was in.  He is feeling better now with some good pain meds.  The antibiotic should do its job in 24 hours, otherwise we are inpatient.  AJ was so sweet when we left, he told the nurse that he wanted to go to heaven; he told her there is no pain there.  The nurse looked pretty uncomfortable with that statement.  We asked him to stick around a while more and that he would be feeling better soon.

I'm so glad heaven is real and AJ knows that someday Jesus will take him there.  We may be home but it's only our temporary home.  Heaven is our real home and it's good to remember that.

We appreciate your prayers for AJ, that this infection would clear quickly.

Barbara and AJ

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