Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Riddle to start the New Year

AJ shared a riddle with me today.

Here is AJ's Riddle

I have a little ball in my brain. 
 It falls out of my brain into my mouth.  
When I eat something the little ball gets stuck.

When I eat ice cream, 
the ball freezes and goes back into my brain.
  I like to eat ice cream;  
It makes the ball go back in my brain.

What is he talking about?

The answer to the riddle?

My guess?

A stricture in his esophagus.  

Before he told me the riddle, he said that I need to call the doctor so that we could visit her and she can check him out. After he shared his riddle I told him that I think it is a stricture in his Esophagus.  He did not want to hear my answer. He quickly said that the ball is gone and he is fine now.  I asked him if he was afraid and if that is why the ball is gone. He said, "Yes, a little bit."  I told him that they can look for the little ball by drinking some medicine while they take pictures. He wasn't too happy about that either.

I hope to go longer before we actually do another dilatation   I am aware that he usually doesn't make it a year without one but I would like to go at least a year, if possible.  If my memory is correct, it was last February that he went in.  I know the doctor wants to do the dilatation without the test first.  She feels since he will always need dilatations; why bother to put him through an extra test?  I'm unsure about this plan because I don't want to put him through the procedure until it is absolutely necessary.  Maybe, in time, I will become more confident as AJ continues to share his riddles.

Happy New Year!


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