Thursday, March 1, 2012

Successful Dilatation

AJ is home after a successful dilatation of his esophagus.  I have not heard the specifics yet but was told the news was only good.

More good news came from his airway exam.  His airway is considered to be almost a size 6 which is the same as an adult airway.  This is very good news considering there was a day when his airway was the size of a coffee stir stick.  His vocal cords showed some thickening which she thought is due to coughing and EB.  This would be the reason for his hoarse voice.  She is not concerned about it and we were told that we could go much longer between appointments.  Here is the picture of his airway:
They took very good care of AJ and he appears to have come home no worse for the wear.  He is sick with nausea and vomiting but it will get better as the day goes on.  We are very thankful for the great medical care and for God's hand in caring for AJ.

Barbara and AJ

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  1. Awesome news... I've been thinking about u guys... Hugs to everyone!! Beth (Casey's. Mommy)