Sunday, October 16, 2011

Welcome Home Jackie

Today was a big day at our house.  Our newest family member joined our household.  AJ's new service dog "in training" arrived today.
 Her name is Jackie!

Our hope is that Jackie will eventually be trained to carry AJ's feeding pump so that he does not have to carry it all the time. Jackie is part Australian Shepard and Catahoula.  Both are breeds that are used for service and rescue animals.  We will be taking classes locally for her training.  She is seven months old and very friendly.

We arrived home tonight to AJ at the front door.  "Where is my doggy (pronounced goggy by him)?"  He was so excited - I think mostly to boss her around.  As soon as she got in the door, AJ says to her (in his most assertive voice), "Here is my pump, Carry It"  We laughed.  We told him a few weeks ago that we were looking for a dog to help carry his pump.  I think AJ will wear out Jackie before she does.  He walks around the house yelling, "wo, who".  Then we hear, "what's her name again?"

Thanks for following us on our journey.  Aj certainly is a happy guy, hopefully he and Jackie will become a great team.


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