Thursday, October 13, 2011

School begins!

AJ is back to school.  He started two days ago and seems to really enjoy it. He had gone last year for two half days a week and this year he will go for three half days. He is really tired and a bit out of sorts but I'm sure he will get used to the new schedule.

Here is a picture of AJ's first day of school. He was not happy that I was not going with him.  Once he saw his bus he was all smiles but this was the best I could do for a picture 

I wonder what he is thinking.  
He certainly is not pleased with Mom!

I'm looking forward to catching up on some projects around the house while he is at school.  I should have done something really constructive (like paying bills - ugh) but instead I organized all of his bandage supplies and then I decided to sew.  I really enjoy sewing and I had some really soft fleece left over from another project and there was enough fabric to make a vest for AJ.  It turned out really cute and when AJ got home I showed him the vest and he hated it. He cried when I put it on him and he cried for me to take it off. I told him he could wear it in the winter when the snow falls and he cried some more. He really doesn't like it.  So...I guess I'll hang it in the closet and see how he feels about it on a different day.

Isn't it cute?

On the medical front; AJ had a new G tube put in last week. He needed a smaller one because it was leaking so badly. They didn't have the correct size in stock so we tried a little larger one. It too is not going to work as it continues to leak. Maybe next week the new one will be in.

For those that have been praying for Brian.  He had a tracheotomy done last week and will hopefully be stable enough to return to Florida (they are in the hospital in Ohio) where his Mom and Dad live.  We are also praying for Nicholas's family. He had a bone marrow transplant done to improve his EB but he passed away this past weekend.  He lived with EB for ten years. He leaves behind a Mom and Dad and brother.

We have things to rejoice in and things to be sorrowful over. In all things we want to thank our heavenly father for his goodness towards us.

Psalm 86:5
For you, O Lord, are good and forgiving, 
abounding in steadfast love to all who call upon you.  


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