Sunday, May 8, 2011

Whom do we honor?

Mother's Day always brings many mixed feelings at our home.  Some of our children have had many mothers and it get confusing for them.  Exactly whom do we honor?  I personally choose to honor all of them.

  • Birth Mothers;  Were it not for them I would not have had the opportunity to experience the joys and sorrows of parenting my adopted children.    I know their birth mothers all lost a treasured child. Some may have not realized just how treasured their children were until they were gone. 
  • Foster Mothers;  They provided a safe home where my children could stay until a permanent home could be found.  
  • Adoptive Mothers;  They traveled to foreign lands to reach out and help an orphaned child.  Their hope was for a, "happy ever after" ending and it just didn't work out that way.  Today I choose to remember their loss as it ultimately became my blessing.  

Today is a day I especially pray for AJ's birth mother.  She holds a very dear place in my heart.  She went against what most of society would do in a very difficult situation.  She chose to continue with an unplanned pregnancy.  She did not blame her unborn child for the wrong that had been done instead she allowed AJ to live.  I know she suffered in silence; keeping her pregnancy a secret that is still hidden from all that know her.  She expected to feel a sense of relief after his birth but instead was faced with AJ's diagnosis of EB and the knowledge that she was a carrier of the disorder.  She is in our prayers that she would experience the fullness of the gospel in her life.

When people ask to pray for AJ, I often ask them instead to pray for his birth mother because:
Life with EB is possible with Christ.  
Life without Christ is simply unbearable.

So thank you to all of the mothers in my children's lives.  Your sacrifices made it possible for me to celebrate mothers day today.

I Samuel 1:27-28 (English Standard Version)
For this child I prayed and the Lord has granted me 
my petition that I made to him.  Therefore I have lent him to
the Lord.  As long as he lives, he is lent to the Lord.  

May we recognize that our children are gifts that belong to the Lord.  May we willingly place them into his care.

Happy Mother's Day,


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  1. I hope you are having a happy and blessed day. :)
    -- Carmen Figaroa