Saturday, May 21, 2011

Shoe Cobbler & Potty Trainer

It's been a week of trying new things.  I started out so frustrated over AJ's inability to wear shoes.  I have purchased so many pairs of shoes for him - but none have worked out. He blisters over and over again on his feet.  When he sees me coming with shoes he screams, "no, owie".  I finally decided to sew him some shoes.  I figured I couldn't be out much by trying; Wrong!  Shoe materials are expensive.  After I finished making them I decided they will work out better than others I have purchased.  I have some tweaking to do but AJ likes them.  They don't blister his feet and he can walk outside in something other than socks.  I hope to try some more styles with lighter fabric that will keep his feet cooler. Here are his cute new shoes (Ok, I could have used a cuter fabric)

With his feet happy, I decided to go ahead and start potty training him.  I'm not sure what happy feet have to do with potty training but I had one success so why not try another.  I headed off to the store and guess what; Target did not have any boy's training pants.  I wasn't about to be undone so I bought cute pink ones.  I threatened the kids with the loss of food for the summer if they dared to tell AJ they were girl's underwear.   (You know I wouldn't really do it but it got my point across). AJ has done great.  He looked at the pink underwear a bit cautiously but he caught on quickly to potty training.  Do I dare say we are over the hump?  I hope so. Here is the underwear:  Pink cupcakes 

What else could a three year old boy ask for?  Answer;  The potty dance.  We do it every time he - you know....  If you have not heard the potty dance - it's a keeper.  We go to youtube and dance to it - you can  watch it here: 

AJ had lots of fun playing doctor in his new shoes and pink cupcake underwear.

Today we celebrated birthdays.  AW turned eighteen.

EE turned Ten - double digit!

It's been a good week, one of rest and achievements! 



  1. What a precious young man you have there - both of them! :) So nice to be able to read about your life here on your blog and congrats on the idea of special shoes!

  2. And your daughter as well! Wow - she's growing up fast!

  3. Hi guys!! Those shoes are awesome..You are totally talented!!! I have been exploring options for sneakers for Casey and have tried everything people suggest, but nothing has worked. He's always been able to wear the Pedors For EB kids but they only come in black and we're all sick of black..especially for the summer. You joking here barbara ...have to let me know how they work out and how you make them...The underwear is too cute. I used the gerber training pants for Casey...just like those and now that he is older I use the hanes with the soft waistband that are like tight boxers. Potty training went fairly normal for Casey and I hope it does for AJ too. I forgot how germy public rest rooms were until I started training casey and he had to do a poopie while we were out unexpectedly in the airport... You should have seen us trying to hover him over the bowl while he, as he trains remember to always carry protective equipment!!! :) Just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you guys...Hope it's a peaceful week..

  4. Barbara I have no words for how incredibly cute AJ is in his cupcake undies! So CUTE! I think I need to steal a picture for my fridge.

  5. Hi Barbara!
    Love the shoes - you did an amazing job. Are you coming to the Twin Cities soon? Maybe we could meet up?

  6. Gabrielle CordesJune 1, 2011 at 8:25 PM

    I love love love this post. Everything about it! The shoes, the potty dance, the birthdays! And especially the pink cupcake training pants :) Miss you guys, give everyone my love!


  7. Barb, you are deeply missed and everything I wished I could be. Your talents and loving presence are so inspirational. I only had 4 sons to care for and wished for more chidren over the years but backed off of foster care because I didn't feel I would be good enough. Keep up the good 'work.' I know for you it isn't work, but rather a blessing and privilege to have these wonderful children in your lives. Tell Scott hi for me. I miss him as well. Love, Mamie