Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

It's been a good day with all of the kids. RR was discharged from the hospital last Friday.  He was there twenty eight days.  It's been interesting as it's like having a different child at home.  Psych medication can change so much.  Right now he talks constantly and very fast.  He doesn't' really have a conversation with us; instead he sounds like he is announcing information - it's a start.  Time will tell if the new medication is a good match for him.

For those of you wondering; We found AJ does not like French fries.  We took him to Mickey D's and made a big deal of it - he tasted one and spit it out.  He didn't quit trying though.  He spied my apple pie and found he LOVES apple pie.  Now every time we run an errand he keeps asking for apple pie - Pretty please (Thanks KJ for teaching him that :)

Aj has had a hard time with gagging and vomiting since his procedure.  I am not really sure why but it most likely has something to do with the position of his GJ tube or his reverse motility.  His food keeps coming up into his stomach and out his mouth.  I'm trying to give it more time.  We see the pediatrician on Friday though I don't expect her to know a lot about it.  I'll call the GI doctor if it doesn't get better soon.  We are getting some food into him so I don't feel like it's an emergency.  The pain clinic called today and they wrote AJ a prescription for Ativan.  I don't have any immediate plans to use it but the next time his wounds are especially bad and he has a lot of anxiety before his bath, we are going to try it.

AJ took "Toy Story" Valentines to school today.  He had lots of fun and came home asking for more candy!  I guess he is making up for what he couldn't eat at Christmas.  He is still pretty careful and only eats small bites of things.  Scott bought me a bouquet of balloons and AJ was determined that they were for him.  He kept saying, "mine" and did not want me to touch them.

Here he is with MY balloons.

Happy Valentines Day!

I John 4:19 (New International Version)
We love because he first loved us.  


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