Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Go Twins!

Thanks to HopeKids, we were able to attend a Twins game last night.  It was AJ's first game and he loved it. The Twins lost but AJ really got into the cheering.  At the end of the game he yelled, "Way to go Orange (Miami Marlins), You Lose Blue (Twins).  He loved the opportunity to play with the other children that were so accepting of his bandages.  We were thrilled about the warmth that the suite provided - still too cold for us to sit out in the Minnesota weather and watch a ball game.  AJ stuffed himself with his favorite food; cotton candy.  He ate almost an entire bag and never got sick.  We didn't arrive home until 1:30 am but it was so worth it!

Thank you HopeKids

From all the Fischers

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