Sunday, September 16, 2012

In the hospital

Sorry for the long delay.  We have been very busy in fun ways but right now AJ is in the hospital.  He was having a great time with his sister, Katie, when he fell and pulled out his G-tube.  His tube is very difficult to replace and we could not get it in.  We went to a local hospital in Minneapolis since we were not near our home.  The doctors were unwilling to do anything and they made AJ wait four hours before agreeing to help put his tube back in.  As expected and as I had warned them many times, his tube site had closed.  We are back down at Mayo as he spent the night waiting to go to the OR this morning.  Due to the lack of fluids he is constipated (also not a surprise) and is vomiting (happens with constipation).  Hopefully he will get to the OR soon so that he can get his medication to get his intestines moving.  Patience is the key.  He is watching movies but not feeling well at all.  Thanks for your prayers for AJ.  Hopefully I can update soon with some good news.  AJ is much happier to be back at Mayo and so am I!

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