Sunday, May 6, 2012

Back in Action

I'm back and that is big news for me since it means I am feeling better.  Sorry for the long break but I ended up sick for almost five weeks and blogging was not at the top of my list.

AJ is doing well.  He is enjoying his new sandbox.  I had always stated that I would not get him a sandbox.  I pictured sand in his bandages and wounds; what a mess that would be.  Then spring came and he found every pile of dirt that he could and was digging away with his little shovel.  He needed a sandbox.  What little boy can go without one?  EB or not, we decided to get him a sandbox.

We went to the store and bought him a little green turtle sandbox.  I'm sure you've seen them. Well we brought it home along with bags of sand.  We filled it up and he climbed right in "literally" and there was no room left - his body filled the entire sandbox.  AJ is not able to kneel for any period of time so sitting in the sandbox is the only way this was going to work.   This little turtle was so tiny that there was no room for his toys.  We went back to the store and bought a larger one, brought it home and transferred the sand over to it.  If you know me very well, you know that I hate, meaning I hate to return purchases to the store but I had to bite the bullet and get the right size box for him.  I'm happy with it now because it has a great cover and is big enough for AJ, his shovel and trucks.

AJ loves it because he can dig and throw sand - oops - I had not considered that.  Sand flying in the air naturally flies into eyes.  On his first day in his new sandbox, he got sand in his eye.  I felt so badly as AJ's eyes have been so great but sand could do so much damage by causing eye blisters.  I felt like I had made a horrible mistake.  We got the sand out of his eye and I talked with AJ about eye blisters and the sand.  He seemed like he understood and so far so good - no more sand in eyes and no blisters.  As for sand in the bandages; yup.  Bath and bandage change now involves sweeping up sand.  It goes through every layer of bandage, on the floor and in the tub.  I'm Ok with it because he is getting to be a normal little boy that loves sand, shovels and trucks.   I wish I had pictures for you....maybe tomorrow.

Our backyard is now officially fenced in.  I am so glad it is completed. We have little finishing touches but AJ is safer and I have a greater peace of mind.  We are still outside with AJ when he plays in the yard but it helps to have the boundaries clear and the road seems a bit more out of reach.  

Thanks to everyone that has inquired of us.  Hopefully you will hear from us often.

Barbara and AJ

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