Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone,

Aj and our family are doing well and are very blessed.  AJ's pain is significantly reduced from this past fall and we are very grateful to our Heavenly Father for the healing AJ has experienced in his skin.

This past month we celebrated AJ's 4th Birthday. 

He really enjoyed his racing "Cars"

We were able to travel and visit AJ's oldest brother JNF

AJ helped us search for the perfect Christmas tree.  This was the "Charlie Brown" tree that he found.

KJF enjoyed hiking through the woods with AJ's dog, "Jackie"

For our 1st snowfall AJ and Dad built "Frosty"  
Too bad the weather warmed up and AJ woke up one morning to Frosty's puddle.

We recognize the good days in AJ's life but also remember the pain that other EB families are experiencing.  EJ passed away just a few weeks ago.  He was really suffering after a failed bone marrow transplant.  Please pray for his family. Please pray also for Brian and his family. They hope to be discharged home from the hospital in the next few weeks. They have been there a long time as Brian is in a persistent vegetative state after suffering heart failure during a routine EB medical intervention.They now deal with EB and all the other additional needs that his condition requires.  

May you have a blessed Christmas remembering God's sacrifice when he sent his son Jesus as a baby, to ultimately die for our sin.

Merry Christmas, 


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