Sunday, December 19, 2010

Our Christmas Letter to You

Merry Christmas!  Since most of you might not see our Christmas letter, I thought I would post it for you.

It’s been a busy year at our home (I guess that is the norm for us).  Here are the many things we are thankful for:

We moved into Rochester and are very happy living close to all of our activities.  We have a large home (not as large as our home in Alexandria but big enough to meet our needs).

AS and E were married in January.  It was the most incredible wedding in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.   (I guess you could say we added a family member and we didn’t even have to adopt again)  They are living in California and we are so happy for them.

KJ is in her second year at Bethlehem College and Seminary.  She had the privilege of traveling to South Africa this fall for a major evangelism conference. 

SS is doing well and living in Alexandria.  We are thankful for the many friends and supports that he has there.

AW is in his second year at the local community college and will graduate from high school this next June.  He is planning on attending North Central College in the Twin Cities next fall.  (He will be studying mass communications through media; can you guess by the picture he gave me to include?

All of the kids are in public school this year.    JR attends school in Stewartville (10th grade). 

RR (10th grade), RJ (7th grade)   and EE (4th grade) are all in different Rochester schools.  KJ (6th grade) and KM (6th grade) are in Minnesota Virtual Academy (online public school from home). You wouldn’t believe what conference and special education meetings are like with eight students and seven schools.

Aj starts preschool in January.   Rochester is known for its great medical care and we have definitely benefited from it.  AJ’s care has become more complex but we are in the best place to meet his needs.

We have found a church in Rochester and are thankful for the friendships we are building.

After a major medical work up; Scott was given the go ahead to return to work.  We are thankful that even in a tough economy; he was offered a job at an assistive living facility.  He will be working in the recreation and physical activity department.

Our kids with exceptional needs are benefiting from a county that has generously provided programs and services to help meet those needs; for that we are grateful.  RM has moved to a faith based residential facility in Idaho. 
We wish she was not so far away but we are so happy to know that her needs are well met.  JN’s situation has not changed a lot from last year but I guess that’s a part having raised a family with some members having exceptional needs.  We live with the adage that, “No news is good news.

We still stay active with camping in the summer and the YMCA in the winter.   We went to family camp this summer and Scott took the girls to a Dad’s and daughter’s retreat this fall. 

If you should end up in Rochester this next year, please let us know as we would love to have you for a visit.

Merry Christmas,

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